Cruise Tonga with humpback whales

Luxury sailing experts, The Moorings, are offering guests an unparalleled escape to Tonga with set ten day or free roaming itineraries. Sail in blissfully remote and exquisite locations across Tonga’s 171 islands on self-skippered bareboat sailing holidays.

The islands of Tonga have long drawn sailors to experience the beauty, the remoteness, and the magnificent coral reefs world-class for snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, and sunbathing. Whilst travelling with The Moorings, guests will experience all the colour, history, culture and cuisine of Tonga in the luxury and comfort of a private catamaran.

A Tonga sailing holiday offers some of the easiest and best cruising in the South Pacific. The waters are protected from Pacific swells, passages are short, and secluded anchorages abound, making a Tonga yacht charter ideal for the entire family. A Tonga yacht charter is well within the reach of sailors who have basic skills in coastal navigation, but for novices sit back and let The Moorings crew do all the work for you. The beauty and unique character of these exotic waters lures less experienced and veteran sailors alike to return time after time for more adventures. With average temperatures consistently around 24°C, Tonga is the idea escape year-round.

A highlight of any Tongan yacht charter is a traditional feast, so a stop at Pangiamotu’s Hinakauea Beach to indulge in traditional Tongan delicacies is a must. Highlights of Tongan fare include Kava, a mildly intoxicating drink made from the Kava root, which tends to flow freely under the light of blazing torches. A Tongan feast also includes 20 courses of tropical fruits and vegetables, seafoods and meat wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in underground ovens followed by Tongan dance under flickering torches. This is the ideal way to savor the rich Polynesian culture of Tonga.

Tonga is home to the humpback whale and many a traveller has swum with these graceful giants.  Known for their musical calls, the humpbacks arrive in Tonga from Antarctica in July to breed and raise their young and it is here that they remain until November. Eco-tour operators run trips from islands like Foeata and Hunga so you can swim with the whales, an unforgettable experience - but be sure to pack a snorkel as humpback whales can hold their breath underwater for over half an hour.
The Moorings provides a relaxed, leisurely and convenient way to experience Tonga, with guests in control of their holiday itinerary.

For more information go to www.moorings.com.au

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