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Have you thought about a Honeymoon Registry?

So you’re in love!  True love!!!  You got engaged!  You’re both overjoyed, revelling in the heady buzz of loved-up-couple selfies, nonchalant waves of the engagement ring, and discussions on the hitherto unimportant fact that roses don’t naturally bloom all year round, nor are they generally red.

Then, belatedly, you think about the gifts.  A registry, right?  That’s what you do with a wedding, isn’t it…?

And that’s when some, or all of the following thoughts are likely to pop into your head:

a) We already live together. We have all the stuff we need, and actually quite a bit of stuff we don’t need (His’n’Hers matching slippers, you stand accused)

b) We have a tiny place and there’s no room for any more stuff.

c) I hate stuff anyway, it gets in the way and needs to be kept clean.

d) If we have a gift registry, Great Aunt Beryl will perform her clever trick of finding the same gift elsewhere for cheaper. And in mission brown.  With a doily attached somewhere.

e) We are BROKE from the wedding. Funding our dream honeymoon at this point in time may necessitate the sale of his’n’hers vital internal organs.

Enter the Honeymoon Gift Registry option!  More and more people are opting into this one, and it’s pretty clear that it neatly bypasses ALL those issues mentioned above!  Plus, services like Ourhoneymoonregistry.co are set up to look and feel like traditional gift registries, where guests can select gifts from a range of actual experiences nominated by the couple. 

Say you were honeymooning in Paris.  You could have gift options like a tickets to the Louvre, dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, an evening at the Paris Opera Ballet, and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for a romantic picnic.  You can look here for more ideas.

The money all goes initially to the same place: your bank account, ensuring you’re in full control of the whole situation.  Just make sure you plan a detailed itinerary to keep you on track for all the adventures!  Some people send postcards home as thank-you cards (and to prove they really went there!).

So there’s one more option to ponder over in your state of wedding-planning bliss.  It may well be a good one, if only to protect your house from mission brown doily-encrusted gifts from Great Aunt Beryl.